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Tuk Tuk Pass

Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) provide users the convenience of accessing all travel-related services in one app (seamless travel) and give local businesses more exposure to new customers. As a platform, we do not offer in-house service but connect to existing businesses via API. By collaborating with local tour guide, tour companies, hotels, and tourism-driven businesses, the platform includes all aspects of the local travel industry to create a total solution for locals and tourists. Users enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive service platform to access the best deals, while local travel businesses gain more exposure at a fraction of the cost of marketing their services against the competition.

Our project utilise blockchain technology to accelerate and decentralise our transaction process, as well as to support digital and crypto payments on travel-related services. Moreover, as our network grows, our tokens can be utilized to redeem travel-related services around the world on the Tuk Tuk Pass platform.


1. TTP Blockchain Kiosk
Our strategy to launch blockchain kiosks in 100,000 hotel locations in the Top 100 Tourist Cities will reach 45% of the total tourist traffics worldwide.

2. Token Allocation
20% of the tokens are reserved for swaps with local businesses to expand TTP in major tourist cities, a strategy no other ICO projects had done before.

3. Team’s Commitment
10% of the tokens will be allocated to the advisors and teams within 5 years (5-year silent period.) Thus, Token holders can be assured that the team has a long-term commitment to the project.



Facilitate pre-planned trip bookings.


Offering services on-the-go while travelers are navigating a new city and introducing local services that may have been challenging to find on the App Store / Guidebooks.


Our advertising medium and a physical “storefront” in 100,000 hotel lobbies worldwide. The kiosk is our initial point-of-contact to users, located in an active area where travelers typically require service recommendations from the hotel’s front desk.

As a platform, we do not offer in-house service but connect to existing businesses via API. Users enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive service platform to access the best deals, while local travel businesses gain more exposure at a fraction of the cost of marketing their services against the competition.
We utilise blockchain technology to accelerate and decentralise our transaction process, as well as to support digital and crypto payments on travel-related services.
As our network grows, TTP tokens can be utilised to redeem travel-related services around the world on our platform. Our Smart Contract distribute TTP-C to investors.
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    Oct 1st - Dec 31st, 2019

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  • 1

    2018: Launch TTP Kiosk in 4 Countries (10 Cities): Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan to reach 109.92M Tourists, 8.9% of tourists worldwide.

  • 2

    Launch in 2 Countries (13 Cities): China and India to reach 93.4M tourists, 7.56% worldwide.

  • 3

    7 Countries (15 Cities): Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka to reach 74,31M tourists, 6.01% worldwide.

  • 4

    Middle East and African tourist cities: 53.65M Tourists (4.34%)

  • 5

    USA: 10 Cities. 60.27M Tourists worldwide (4.88%)

  • 6

    Europe: 10 Cities. 94.44M Tourists worldwide (7.65%)

  • 7-10

    Remaining 32 tourist cities. 69.901M Tourists, 5.86% and marketing campaigns for TTP kiosks in 100 tourist cities.


Phase 1 Launch


Over 50 tour packages per city to accommodate tourists. Each package is curated, recommended, and reviewed by customers, bloggers, and professional guide.

Tour Guide

45,000 licensed professional guides on our service database. Tourists will be able to book tour guides and also check the identity of their guides to avoid being scammed.


Other service categories


Compare pricing and book over 100,000 hotels/home stays resort (Best deal warrant.)


Book air tickets, Taxi/Bus, Boats, Car Rental, Messenger Service.

F&B Deals

Best restaurant and bar deals: from fine dining to street food coupons and discounts.

Health Ticket

Health, Beauty, Spa, Massage, Fitness, and holistic health tourism package. VDO call service for health consultation with medical experts.


Online shopping/exclusive shopping service: cosmetics, brand name products, jewelry, leather, tailor. Delivered to their doorsteps.

Travel Insurance

Tourist insurance packages.

Wifi/Sim card

Sim card, data packages, and wifi for tourists.

Professional Consultation

Lawyer, Business Consultation, Thai Business Connections, Business matching.

Special Events & Luxury

Wedding/event planning, surprises, anniversary parties

Entertainment Ticket

Exhibitions, show tickets


Money exchange/transfer, donation.


Boxing class, Cooking class, Music, and yoga lessons (group and private.)

Tourist Help

Visa service, Tourist police, emergency contacts such as emergency ambulance.

Token Name
Tuk Tuk Pass Asset (TTP-A)
Total Token Supply
1,000,000,000 TTP-A
Available Coins
700,000,000 TTP-A (70% of total supply)
Jan 25th - Feb 13th, 2018 (Pre-ICO: 20% Off)
Mar 5th - Jun 30th, 2018 (ICO Round 1)
Token Main Sale Price
1 TTP-A = 1 USD
Token Distribution
Within 30 days after ICO Round 1 end date via Ethereum Smart Contract (July 2018)
Token Decimals
Company structure and Business Advisor

Mr. Bunsumpun served in the executive position for several public companies including his role as Former CEO & President of PTT Plc. where he led the company into the 14 executive years on Fortune Global 500 (#192, 2017). He also served as Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors at Krung Thai Bank Plc. and as Director of Siam City Bank Plc. He holds Certificate in Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School and MBA from Utah State University, along with several honorary doctorate recognition in several notable universities in Thailand.

Technical Advisor

Mr. Zaldivar was one of the web development pioneers in Argentina and Latin America back in 1995. He is currently the President of Bitcoin Latin America NGO and CEO of Rootstock Smart Contracts (RSK), the first open source smart contract platform and payment network powered by Bitcoin. He is also one of the founding members of Clarín Digital, main Argentina Newspaper website, and - the financial community sold to Banco Santander for 750M.

International Relations Advisor

Dr. Chanawongse is Thailand’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and 1973’s Ramon Magsaysay Award recipient for Community Leadership. Other notable awards include receiving the “Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun” from H.E. the Emperor of Japan (2004) and Outstanding Award for the Civil Service Officer of the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand (1971.) He is involved with various international organisations working to improve the livelihood of local communities in Asia and contributed greatly to the advancement of higher education in Thailand.

Technical advisor

Mr. Insom is the Founder and Core Developer of Zcoin, a decentralized and open source currency revered by Bitcoin Angel Investor Roger Ver as the next Bitcoin competitor. He is also Founder and CEO of Satang Corporation and TDAX Exchange. Past positions: Software Development Engineer at Microsoft and Systems Engineer at True Corporation. He holds a Master of Science in Security Informatics from Johns Hopkins University.

Professional Dealmaker

Mr. Kruesopon was named Person of the Year in 2003 by the Telecom Journal, and was the first Thai National to lead two multi- national Telecommunications companies in Thailand. He was Thai Samsung Country Manager, Managing Director of Nortel Networks in Thailand and Vietnam, and the Vice President at Samart Corporation Plc. He was also the first Asian to hold the position of deputy spokesperson for a major USA city mayor. He currently serves as a CEO and Director at Tune Insurance Public Company Limited, and CEO of 365 Plc.

Blockchain Industry & Community Advisor

Mr. Srupsrisopa is the former Co-founder and CEO of, Thailand's leading bitcoin exchange. Previously, he worked as an investment banker and a central banker. Topp holds an MPhil in Economics from Oxford University, UK.

Travel Industry Advisor

Mr. Chantanaprayura is the President of the Professional Tourist Guide Association of Thailand (PGAT.) His influential work in the Thai travel industry includes: co-establishing the Federation of Thailand Tourism Network Associations which includes all associations related to national tourism, and the quality improvement of human resources in the travel industry. As the president, he also oversees collaboration and PR/outreach with travel agencies and businesses.

Co-Founder, CEO

Ms. Daengdej is the Producer/Host of The Passion Travel TV, Nation TV 22—Thailand’s No.1 news station. Through her work, she connected to over 1,000 travel influencers and travel industry professionals globally. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and New Media, with a concentration in Interactive Media and Technology from New York University. Other accomplishments include: the Innovator Award 2015—Abu Dhabi, UAE issued by the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (ADTDC.)

Co-Founder, Head of Systems Design

Mr. Daengdej holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, with a concentration in International Business Policies from Penn State Smeal College of Business. His expertise includes logistics, data analytics, and systems design. He past experiences includes working with the system designer team to forecast inventory demands for Cafe Amazon, Thailand’s biggest and fastest growing coffee shop chains.

Head of Web/API Development

Dr. Pongsuwan was one of the Computer Science and web development pioneers in Thailand. He is the CEO of App Factory and serves as a business development coach on The Startup Thailand TV Show, Nation TV 22. Other notable positions include: Member of the Board of Trustees at Northern University, and Board membership at National Research Council of Thailand. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Asian Institute of Technology.

System Analysis, Web/API Programmer

Mr. Chitcharak is a seasoned web developer with several corporate clients including Kawna Broker Co., Ltd., Rich Innovation Co., Ltd., and Jobmarket Thailand Co., Ltd., He completed his Master Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) and specialises in application development, web-based client development and designing, as well as system analysis/network.

Country Manager—Thailand.

A veteran in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Prapaiwongs served in management position for several companies including ORA Telecom Thailand, PM Telecom (Blackberry), Pacific Cellular Thailand (Nokia Franchise Network), and WIKO Mobile Thailand. He is the current Country Manager of Knowlarity Thailand, a telephone cloud service platform. His expertise includes: business and company policy, product and channel development, and setting up retail services for major brands including Nokia, Blackberry, and Kodak. He is an MBA graduate from Chulalongkorn University.

Marketing Communication

Mr. Limtrakul is a celebrated filmmaker/director known for his role in Thailand’s highest grossing box office movie, “Romantic Blue” (1995.) Following his success, the film received recognition by the National Motion Picture Award for Best Director/Best Motion Picture of the Year. His works include directing and producing TV commercials, drama, and online creative marketing materials. He held executive position in GMM Grammy Plc (Thailand’s largest media conglomerate entertainment company), served as head of RS Promotion Plc (one of Thailand’s biggest entertainment enterprises) and Avant Productions. He graduated in Film from Thammasat University, Thailand.

Fintech Outreach

Mr. Kwanmuang’s expertise is in Fintech, kiosks, and business development management: he supported the development of high- end kiosks in Thailand for clients such as My Pay Co., Ltd., and the E-money system for PayforU. Other skills/expertise include: working in process engineering, quality engineering, and as a sourcing engineer. He received a Bachelor of Engineering from King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

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